Houston Real Estate Market Update 2020

Houston is a great place to move for a variety of people, with a wide demographic and various occupations. 

Although places in Texas like Dallas and San Antonio are very popular right now, Houston is still a popular place to live and shouldn’t  be overlooked! 


Houston is a great place for young working professionals as well as families. This is because Houston has a relatively low cost of living, which makes it appealing for young professionals! 

The area also has substantial job growth and has plenty of amenities – while still being very affordable. This makes Houston a city where people can move to when starting a career, and stay for a long time because of the ability to move up. 

Real Estate Update

The housing market in Houston is a buyer’s market, with many homes available, buyers have a wide variety of choices when purchasing a home. 

The median home value in Houston is $189,397. The overall median value of homes has gone up by 3.6% within 2019, and predictions show that it will continue to rise by 2.4% over the course of 2020. 

Job Growth 

The amount of job growth in Houston is more than significant, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. in 2019, Houston came in at #3 in job growth out of cities in the U.S., just behind New York and Dallas. 

With this amount of jobs being created, there has to be a reason behind this growth. The major growth of Houston’s jobs can be attributed to the strengthening of the state’s and nation’s economic growth. 

The city’s job growth has also benefited from the oil industry’s recovery & the city finally being able to bounce back after the devastation Hurricane Harvey left.