What is a Home Inspector Looking For in an Attic Inspection?

House Exterior Sunset

The attic is often viewed as just a buffer space between your living space and the roof. It is an important structural component of the home, however. When you have your home inspected, you will find the home inspector probably spends a fair bit of time in the attic; This is because many issues can be spotted from the attic. These issues can be indicators of additional damage deeper inside the home. So what is the home inspector looking for while up in your attic?

Structural Damage

The home inspector will be looking for damage to the attic structure since it ties many of the home’s structural components together. Additionally, the inspector can check for roofing damage not immediately apparent from the roof coverings.

Fire Damage

While the homeowner needs to disclose fire damage when selling, it can be easy to cover it up. Yet, often that cover-up job does not include the attic. You may find soot, scorch, and other fire damage in the attic that affects the home’s integrity.

Water Damage

When inspecting the attic, the inspector will look for water damage from a roof leak and moisture caused by faulty ventilation or leaking plumbing. Typically, the attic is where inspectors find water damage if the homeowner doesn’t already know about it.


Sufficient attic insulation will help minimize your heating and cooling costs. The inspector will judge whether there is adequate insulation in your attic and ensure the insulation is installed per the manufacturer’s requirements.

Chimney Condition

The chimney will be inspected from the exterior, roof, and attic of the home.  In the attic, the inspector will be checking for adequate fireblocking, proper clearances from combustibles, and the overall condition of the chimney.